Jan 12

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Welcome to Your Complete Web Presence

Hello and Welcome!

Kenneth Patchen, an American poet wrote in his poem “What is the Beautiful,” the line “pause and begin again.” I had this feeling at the end of 2012 that it was time to redo my blog, and clear out all of the spam comments from my site.

With 2013 arriving right on schedule and my New Year’s Resolutons, already shot, I thought it best to “pause and begin again” with a new intention to blog more often and share my thoughts and ideas with you frequently. My company has changed names several times, though for the past two year’s it has been “Your Complete Web Presence” since that is what I deliver to my customers. It isn’t my complete web presence, it’s up to my customers and what they want for a web presence and how complete it is for them. It’s all about “Your Business, Your Presence, Your Way.”

This blog has been created to continue and forward the onversation around the trend of using Social Media and Social Networking as an efficient way to connect with customers and clients. Social Media and the latest Web technology provide a unique and easy way to build effective and lasting business relationships on a global scale in an online environment.

Social Media is but one strategic part of your marketing strategy, and provides a new access for customers, clients, students, vendors and service providers for getting to know you much, much better. It means having people buy from you because they know, like, and trust you and have a feeling of connectedness with you, they know who you are and want to experience the value you give to them.

In this blog I’ll share with you, what I’ve learned, practiced and implemented around all online strategies which will assist you in growing your life and business, in effect, giving you the tools and insights to effectively enrich your relationships and serivce with clients, family, friends, and sometimes even strangers.

We’ll have some fun too. You’ll get to know me, who I am for the world, and what I’m up to. I’ll share with you some of my insights, thoughts and feelings about business, the Internet, marketing, networking, the arts, sports, and personal growth and development. All of the topics will assist you as a small business owner/entrepreneur to maximize the technology and the world as you journey through the 21st century.

Your feedback, ideas, suggestions, insights, and support are requested and are so welcome here, I hope you’ll be involved, interested, and stimulated by the discussion that can be created.

I can help you with your business challenges and any issues you have about using online technology, social media, blogs, marketing, social media and website development. Feel free to contact me any time the urge strikes. Again, welcome to Your Complete Web Presence – Your Business, Your Presence, Your Way!

Are you ready to begin our new journey? Great, let’s go!

Steve Ulrich
Online Presence and Profitiabily Expressway

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