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Please reveiew this portfolio of the websites I’ve created for my clients.

Visiting these sites will give you a sense of what is possible for you and your business. These websites came into being and transitioned from idea to reality, because of the intention, creativity, collaboration, and fun working with these individual clients.

Your message, your offer, and how you serve your customers are dependent on your authenticity. Your Website or Blogsite is an extention of you and your business, and is the place where customers and prospects are drawn to learn more about you and how you can help them.

This portfolio of client work is all about dreams coming true. That is my guarantee, if we decide to work together. Call me at 614-266-2396 to arrange a complimentary web strategy session to discuss what is possible for your online vision for your business.

Robin Volker.Com – Robin Volker is a transformational life coach and her business is called “Sequential Pathways.” A former Unity minister, Robin brings unique gifts to her clients. Providing individual and group coaching, and personal growth programs, Robin makes an impact on everyone she serves. Robin is a gifted writer, speaker and workshop facilitator. Many of her articles and observations can be found on this website.

Dave Chwalik – Sales Leadership Demonstrated – Dave Chwalik is a professional sales manager with his pulse on the ever-changing sales industry. Dave provides his observations, expertise, quotations, and a wide range of valuable resources geared toward assisting salespeople to become more empowered and successful with their careers.

Humor Consultants – Phil Sorentino is the original humor consultant. Since 1991, Phil has been speaking and consulting, using humor as his guidepost, assisting clients with their business and professional needs, team building, prosperity and possiblity thinking.

Charlie Bear Productions – Americas GrrreatAdventure Bear ® invites your kids to find out what’s great about America, find kindness in the world, and have brilliant adventures with Parents, Grandparents, Relatives – this is Lynn Dykstra’s business dream coming true online.

O’Brien Promotions – A promotional products company that uses an online catalog linked to a master database of manufacturers.

Beginning Kids Adventures – Laura Gran, Dublin, OH Speech and Child Development Therapist, has created a site where clients can get information, file required forms, and enroll in specialized classes.

Comfort Chorus – A non-profit organization dedicated to the suppoort, comfort and healing of people with life-threatening diseases, using inspirational music and spiritual words. Comfort Chorus is making a big impact in the lives of caregivers, paitients and their families.

Palm Purpose – Cecelia Dawe-Gillis is your GPS Hand Analyst. A certified hand analyst, Cecelia has the incredible ability to help you determine your life school, life purpose, life lesson, and inate gifts through reading your hands. This is her business website, she had no online presence before working with me.

Empowering Successs Coaching and Consulting – Sharon Small’s coaching and consulting business has a new home on the Web. Here is the place where current and potential clients can learn about Sharon’s services, speaking, profile and contact information to engage her services.

Inner Game of PKD – Richie Perl, an NLP Certified coach in New York City, focuses his work on patients who have been diagnosed with Polysistic Kidney Disease. He created the Inner Game of PKD to provide a vehicle for connecting with clients and to educate people with the disease that there is much more to life and it can be lived to the fullest, living with the disease.

Wonder of Oils – Steve Ulrich’s d&#333TERRA IPC Site – an informational site promoting the use of essential oils with links to Steve’s official store front.

Inspiration Clearing – Steve Ulrich’s Inspiration and Motivation Site includes video, articles, and specialized links to put a lift in your day, and joy in your heart.

Able Student Development – On-Line Reading Software which revolutionizes the way students learn to read english as a primary or secondary language.

Your Complete Web Presence uses the WordPress platform for building vibrant and effective sites. There are over 1500 free themes to choose from in designing your site. I work closely with you to pick the right theme, modify and customize where needed, and provide the look an copy that will help you and your business stand out.

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